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Big 3 Precision and Creative Blow Mold Tooling Announce Partnership

Big 3 Precision and Creative Blow Mold Tooling Announce Partnership

Centralia, IL & Lee’s Summit, MO: Big 3 Precision located in Centralia, IL, and Creative Blow Mold Tooling in Lee’s Summit, MO, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership to create Centers of Excellence (CoE) for the design and manufacture of injection blow and injection stretch blow molds (IBM/ISBM), as well as the design and manufacture of extrusion blow molds.

For more than 40 years Big 3 Precision has focused on the IBM/ISBM marketplace. Creative has over 30 years of experience building EBM tooling. Both companies have relationships that process on both platforms and this partnership will allow both companies to better and more broadly serve their respective customer base.

“Creative is an ideal company for Big 3 Precision to partner with because of their outstanding extrusion blow molding capabilities, something that Big 3 Precision has not been supplying to its customers,” said Clinton Hyde, Vice President of Sales & Engineering for Big 3 Precision. “Now through this partnership our customers can also order extrusion blow molds from us and receive the expert engineering and manufacturing that Creative has been providing for 30 years.”

The goal of the partnership and the CoE is to help existing customers with speed to market through increased product development and support. Big 3 and Creative also intend to use the CoE concept to help balance engineering and manufacturing capacity, increase efficiencies, and further reduce lead times for customers. The partnership will allow customers to source tooling on complementary platforms through a known and trusted business partner. For some customers, access to the CoE will allow them to more quickly and efficiently expand their existing capabilities to other platforms.

Michael Bohning, President of Creative, commented, “Big 3 has an outstanding reputation in the industry, and our customers as well as our team members will benefit greatly from the experience and expertise Big 3 brings to the table. We can offer our customers expanded mold design and manufacturing capabilities as well as reduce lead times through improved capacity management.”

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