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Breaking the Mold: Creative Blow Mold Tooling goes Above and Beyond

Breaking the Mold: Creative Blow Mold Tooling goes Above and Beyond

Over the course of 33 years, Creative Blow Mold Tooling, located in Lees Summit, Missouri, has found a way to break the mold so to speak. With Creative in its name, the company has committed itself to designing blow molds that will set its customers apart. A blow mold is the tool companies use to manufacture hollow plastic packaging or parts. Its the tool that takes plastic packaging from idea to product.

Designing packaging is not a task to take lightly. 

Packaging is directly linked with marketing. The right size, shape and style can have a direct impact on sales when products make it to the shelf. When a customer presents Creative Blow Mold Tooling with a set of specifications it needs in its next package, its up to the company to equip the customer with the tooling it needs to make its design vision become reality. Instead of just taking instructions and blindly going forward, this manufacturing company has a strategy for helping its customers get the best experience and final result out of its blow molds. 

“We’ve invested in the engineering capacity required to add value to the customer relationship,” said Jim Hensiek, director of business development. “We provide engineering support to our customer even if that customer, or the customers customer, doesn’t have a purchase order.” That strategy largely revolves around the strength of Creatives engineering team. That’s customer service at its finest. Creative Blow Mold Tooling dedicates its engineers time to working with potential customers even when there is no commitment. That means sharing expert advice, collaborating on package design, and talking back and forth on what the end product should look like and why.

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